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Software Solutions for the Clerk of Court

Specializing in software for Jury Management, Cash Appearance Bonds and Registry of the Court.

Our Story

We got our start in 1999 when a county in Florida asked if we could re-write one of their applications as a user friendly web application.  Today we offer a suite of easy to use and quick to implement applications that can be hosted in your data center or on the cloud.  We also create custom solutions to automate and streamline workflows, with an emphasis on finance and juror management.

What We Offer


JuryFlex Jury Management software designed for small to medium sized counties.  Everything from generating juror summons to calculating payroll.  

Cash Bonds Manager

Software subsidiary ledger design to generate and track deposits and disbursements to Cash Appearance Bonds.  Available module that allows jail staff to create and print the bonds, with an integrated auditable workflow for transferring bond money collected to the Clerk Finance Office. 

Court Registry Manager

Software subsidiary ledger designed to generate and track deposits and disbursements to the Registry of the Court.

Custom Solutions

We have created custom solutions for our clients such as automating interest and expense allocations, managing tax deeds, employee time card interfaces and infrastructure engagements.  Talk to us about your integration needs!

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